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How does it work? Benefits and Testimonial Screenshots

The regipay process 

New! regipay Plus is now available!  

Every payslip is automatically registered as a communication transaction and therefore traceable at any point of time. The confidentiality needed is created automatically by encryption. Only the sender and the correct recipient of a regipay message can open the message. To secure the integrity of the payslip, the digital fingerprint of the payslip is sent to the regify clearing service together with the key. 

An e-mail with the encrypted payslip as an attachment is automatically sent from the employer to the employee. The private e-mail addresses of the employees are used. The employee opens the attachment with a double click (like a PDF document). In the background, the regify software takes care of the authentication of the employee by the provider, so that the key can be received, which immediately allows the attachment to open. Using the key, the attachment is decrypted and the employee gets access to the decrypted content of the message (payslip). 

With the help of a special user interface the employee can open, save or print the payslip. The regipay process makes sure that the message can only be opened if the sender has been properly authenticated and thus prevents the sending of messages by non-authenticated users. The opening of the message (payslip) is confirmed to the employer by a confirmation receipt. 


  • Complies with Data Privacy Laws (confidentiality)
  • Immediate cost savings, every single month (75% compared to paper)
  • Individual choice for employees
  • Works with existing solutions for wage and salary administration
  • No additional storage needed
  • Can be sent and received to/from any e-mail address
  • Works for all user groups



"Our commitment to continual further development led us to the idea of digitalising the sending of payslips. The savings are already evident in the initial implementation phase. We plan to continue with the changeover promptly."
Heiko Abbenseth, Head of Business Management and Processes. 


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regipay desktop for small and medium companies 

Automated process in which the regipay desktop prepares the payslips, and then the user registers them and sends them with just one click. Supports dual channel: electronic and print. 

Solution for big companies 

The regipay functionality can be integrated easily into payroll software systems which make the registration and sending process a fully automated one 

Open, print and save of a regipay-payslip 

The regify client is available for Windows, Mac, Linux and mobile devices with Android and iOS (iPhone, iPad). Alternatively, the salary document can also be opened via a web interface. No installation is necessary.


Self explanatory user interface 

The regipay user interface allows a quick and easy application of the main functions: View, print and save without any need for training. 

Individually choose which procedure you want to use for sending the payslip 

You can choose how you send a payslip individually -depending on the employee need- either electronically by regipay or as a paper document. You can see this choice on the screenshot below.