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The regigate appliance delivers enterprise-grade encryption and decryption services with regimail technology in an efficient, all-in-one solution. regigate relies on regify’s data security-audited technology. regigate enables best-in-class automation by seamlessly integrating into the existing e-mail transport flow and ensuring compliance with corporate policies. In conjunction with your regify provider, it offers fully automatic regimail encryption and decryption working as an SMTP enabled MTA (Mail Transfer Agent). It encrypts any outgoing standard e-mail message and decrypts any incoming regimail message, thereby resolving the major issues for trusted e-mail communication: 

  • Freedom to choose between regigate-driven automation and end-to-end encryption
  • Comprehensive transaction register through regify technology
  • Seamless integration into the existing infrastructure


The regigate appliance flexibly integrates into your message flow without requiring changes to your existing solutions for filtering, content checking, virus scanning, archiving, data protection or other applications for data protection and security.
The regigate appliance acts as an MTA and therefore works with any other SMTP appliance that you are using. You can define the policies for encryption and decryption by using the regigate rule-engine or your existing applications. When processed, the messages are re-turned into the existing message flow. 


The regigate software appliance was designed for redundant operation as virtual machines and offers: 

  • Flexible routing with any number of routing channels and individual rules.
  • Rules for deciding the encryption and decryption process based on headers, attachments and other information from the e-mails as well as matching these values with any list.
  • Up to 200.000 regimail transactions per day (depending on the virtualization system used and the network connection).
  • Various scaling options through HA mode (High Availability via Floating IP).
  • SSH console for easy management
  • Nagios monitoring support


In order to use regigate, you need to be either a regify provider by yourself or you use a sub-provider at another regify provider. Contact out sales team for further information.