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The process to send a regibill consists of two steps: 

Step 1:  Registration of bills 

Billing systems create and hand over the bill as a PDF/A document to the regibill-workflow software. The details of the billing party are combined with the encrypted fingerprint of the bill to form the regify-digest and this is embedded into the PDF/A document. The content of the bill remains unchanged.
After performing a check of the registration data of the billing party the regibill is registered as a transaction.
The regify-clearing-service then saves the anonymised data from the regibill-transaction. TThus creating an audit trail for the bill which which can be validated for the legally required period of 10 years.  

Step 2: Sending of bills 

Sending and receiving of regibills works by using the existing e-mail-address of the recipient.
For bigger companies the sending of regibills would usually be integrated into existing output management solutions. Smaller companies can make use of the semi-automated regibill® desktop application 

10 years validation guarantee 

regibill enables the addressee to validate the integrity of a regibill online at anytime during a 10 year period against the registered original bill.  

The automated check immediately generates a validation report, indicating that the chosen bill and the original bill are congruent. This report is transmitted by e-mail or downloadable. The report also contains the data of the registered invoicing party.  

  • Legally compliant in the EU ( EU Directive 2010/45/EU)
  • Enables simple billing processes that allow immediate cost savings
  • Does not require digital signature and certificates
  • Works with existing invoicing solutions
  • Can be sent and received to/from any e-mail address
  • Available for online validation on demand for 10 years as legally required
  • Works for all user groups


Choose which procedure you want to use to send your bill: 

Bills can either be sent electronically or as a paper document, thus giving you choice and allowing you to meet all customer needs. You can have a look at this feature on the below screenshot "regibill desktop“. 

1) regibill desktop for small and medium sized companies  

Automated process in which the regibill desktop prepares the electronic bills (PDF format), and then the regibill user registers and sends them with just one click. Supports dual-channel: electronic and print. 

2) solution for big companies  

Software integration into billing systems of the regibill functionality make the registration and sending process a fully automated one. 

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