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regify's suite of trusted e-communication services enables you to transact securely and verifiably on any digital channel. Thanks to regify’s patented and security audited cloud technologies and products, organisations can communicate, collaborate and transact on the existing infrastructure. Regify services are made available through selected regify providers and can be used in standalone mode or integrated into workflows. Furthermore, regify users have secure access to the whole user community as the regify technology enables a global network of services. Customers include companies, both small and big, such as BDO, Würth or Volksbanken as well as public service organisations, such as UK NHS or Luxemburg eHealth system, and consumers. 


2009 – IP research, application for global patents, solution design
2010 – 10 providers of regify services, first international providers
2011 – International rollout, technology security audited in UK, launch of regimail, regibill and regipay
2012 – Clearing service operation Incert guaranteed by government
2013 – 25 international providers offering regimail, regibill and regipay - technology in Germany officially certified for data protection
2014 – Launch of regichat
2015 – Launch of regibox
2016 – Healthcare Data Ecosystems: proof-of-concept and pilots
2017 – Industry Ecosystems, , proof-of-concept
2018 – Healthcare Data Ecosystems: international rollout
2019 – Serving Asian markets through local company regify Asia Ltd. (Hong Kong)
2020 – Federated ecosystem business enabled by secure communication and collaboration and USPs based on 60+ international patents