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regify offers communication services for secure and auditable data transactions on any digital channel. Thanks to the patented regify technology, users and organisations can communicate in a trustworthy manner, work in teams and exchange data in an audit-proof manner without changing their existing infrastructure. regify services are offered by regify providers and can be used independently or integrated into workflows. Data ecosystems can be set up and operated using regify technology. Companies such as BDO, BGL, Piepenbrock, Proximus or Wurth and national healthcare systems such as the UK NHS or eSanté in Luxembourg rely on us. 


2006 - foundation of regify GmbH
2010 - global patenting, first providers for regify services
2013 - regify clearing infrastructure in Luxembourg for the EU
2015 - International expansion, introduction of regimail, regibill, regipay
2016 - regibox: data synchronisation in federated ecosystems
2016 - Healthcare Data Ecosystems: piloting
2017 - Industry Ecosystems, regispace , piloting
2018 - Healthcare Data Ecosystems: International rollout
2020 - Connected ecosystem business through secure communication and collaboration
2022 - IP Portfolio Data Ecosystems: 60+ patents
2023 - Launch regipost,