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regipay Plus – Salary documents now even more comfortable 

As with the classic regipay solution, the payroll is encrypted and registered for the recipient. However, the encrypted file is not sent by email but uploaded to a secure area at the regify service provider. The authorised recipient gets access as soon as he opens the regipay or regimail application. He is optionally informed by e-mail when a new document is available. 

Access to the documents without an app, only via the web portal, is also possible. 

Why regipay Plus? 

For their salary documents, many people want the comfort of not only finding the current salary statement in a secure data area, but also older statements. This makes it easier to track changes without having to keep the data themselves. Of course, this confidential data is protected as securely as with the classic regipay solution. 

The advantages of regipay Plus 

  • Find and open documents directly in the regipay application.
    Works even if no e-mail programme is set up on the mobile phone or PC.
    Shows all documents of the last 2.5 years (30 months), so nothing gets lost.

Is regipay Plus as secure as classic regipay? 

Yes. With regipay Plus, the regify service provider keeps the encrypted regipay files. Of course, the regify service provider cannot view these documents, because with regipay Plus, encryption and decryption always take place on the customer's end devices (application or web browser). Furthermore, as with the classic regipay solution, all accesses are recorded in regify Clearing and are therefore traceable at any time.