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Help for regimail 

regimails are ordinary emails. This means that you receive them normally in your email application (mobile phone or PC). There you can simply double-click or open the attachment (file with the extension .rgf). Then the regify software opens and will decrypt and display the message for you. 

You can download the regimail-Software here

If you do not want to install any software, you can also open the message via the web browser. You will find this function on the start page of your regify provider. 


Open the regimail app. When you open regimail for the first time, you may have to enter your account credentials. Then you can use the writing dialogue and send the message. After encrypting , the message will be forwarded to your email app. There you usually have to press the send button again. 

IMPORTANT: The current regimail client is a completely new development and cannot (yet) send attachments. This feature will be added at the beginning of 2022. 

Desktop-PC with Outlook  

When you compose a new email, you have an additional button "Send regimail" at the top of the toolbar. Click this to send the message as regimail. 

Desktop-PC in general  

Start the regimail programme and write your message in it. Then you can send it. 

If you have not succeeded with the above solutions, you may want to contact the sender of the regify message or regibox invitation.

Mainly with regipay Payrolls, your employer's Human Resources department will usually help.

For products like regimail, regibox and regichat, the support of your regify provider usually helps. You will find the contact information in the footer area of the portal page.

In addition, you can take advantage of paid regify vendor support. Further information can be found here.