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Frequently asked regipay questions and answers 

As Recipient As Sender

Where do I find help? 

We have created an extra help document for the recipients of regipay payslips. You can download it here (PDF format): DOWNLOAD  

You can also use the help assistant

Who else can read my payslip? 

The payslip is sent to you directly from the sender, for example your personnel department (HR) or the employer's tax advisor. This is usually done directly by e-mail. The message is transmitted in encrypted form. There is no one in between, not even regify, who comes into contact with the readable pay slips. Even if you open the RGF file online (at the regify provider), it will be decrypted using JavaScript in your web browser so that only you can read the payslip. 


I have generic questions regarding sending of payslips and management of accounts and employees 

We have created an extra help document for the senders of regipay payslips. You can download it here (PDF format): DOWNLOAD

Where can I find the regipay Desktop manual? 

On our regipay manuals page .

What to do if an employee did not receive the invitation? 

If the entry is still visible in your group administration, click the envelope icon at the end to resend the invitation e-mail. Most users only have to check the SPAM folder. Important: With webmailers like GMail or GMX, this is often only possible through the web interface of the webmailer! 

If the entry is no longer visible in the group administration (e.g. if the invitation has already expired), you must re-invite (Excel upload or manually). 

I can't invite the employee (he already has an account), but he doesn't show up in my group management? 

It may be the employee has ignored your invitation (or not seen it) and then just registered himself somewhere else with another regify provider. Theoretically, this is okay, because he can open the payslip with this account. Of course, this is not very nice. Write an e-mail to the support of your regify provider and ask them to check the user's e-mail address (don't forget the affected e-mail address). If he has his regify account on your regify provider, the user can be moved to your regify group. But if he is somewhere else, he has to delete his regify account there first. Then you can invite the user. 

How can I change the text inside of the payslip email? 

For this, please open the regipay desktop configuration. There, in the "Messages" tab, you can change the text. 

The employee does not receive the payslip e-mail. 

There are several possible causes: 

A) He has the message in the SPAM/JUNK folder. It is important to mark the message as "no junk", so that the system learns to handle regipay. 

B) You have entered the wrong e-mail address in your payroll accounting program (typed?). Check if that's really correct. 

I want to move to another PC or get a new Windows profile (other user account). 

It is important that you first export all profiles on the old device (Programme -> Profile Manager... -> Export...). Save these exported profiles so that you can load them later from the new PC (e.g. on a network drive or on a USB stick).
If regipay Desktop is installed on the new PC, you can click on the "Import..." button on the bottom left of the first page of the setup assistant and then load the first saved profile. You will need the activation code. This was given to you by telephone or remotely during the first installation. We usually write it down in a text file with all the access data on your PC for later reference. 

How can I send other types of documents, such as income-tax certificates? 

Usually you have a setting that also reads the date (REGEX) from the Payslip and uses it in the e-mail template. Also the message body is written for Payslips. To be able to send other types of documents as well, the regipay Desktop offers profiles (read the manual under "Help" -> "Open manual"). 

  1. Go to "Program" -> "Profile Manager..." and duplicate the profile.
    1. For example, the name of the profile copy could be "income tax certificates".
    2. Enter a suitable description.
    3. Save the new profile.
  2. Open the new profile and go to the normal configuration.
  3. If necessary, adjust existing REGEX to find only the year of the income-tax certificate (for example).
    1. If you use REGEX, always mark the values as "Required".
  4. Under "Messages", adjust the message template and subject to fit the desired message type (for example, for income-tax certificates).
    1. If necessary, adjust references to REGEX (see 3).

In future, you can use this profile to send the income-tax statements, and with the original profile you can send payslips. This saves you a lot of time the next time you want to send your income tax statements. Of course, you can also use some REGEX to search for values (for example, the year from the income tax statement) and then use these specifications in the message text. 

Which encryption algorithms are used for regipay? 

The regify technology is based on proven algorithms like ECC (Curve25519), RSA (up to 4096 bits) and AES (256 bits) as well as SHA2 (256 bits) for hash codes. 

Where can I find technical help? 

Our regify WIKI contains further solutions for technical questions.