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Help to regipay 

For recipients of regipay payslips there is an extra help document as a PDF download: 

regipay User's Guide (PDF document) 


Okay, that happens. Please take a few minutes to carefully read this information.
With regipay, the payslip will be sent to you directly by e-mail by the employer or his tax consultant. To protect it against being read, it is encrypted and you need a regify account to open it. Usually, the employer invites you to get a regify account via e-mail and you only have to click a link to get the necessary password. Your e-mail address and your password are the access data you need.

No invitation? -> Contact your employer! Clarify the e-mail address to be used.

Then check your e-mail inbox. The payslip will either arrive by e-mail and will be an attachment with the extension .rgf (regipay classic) or you will receive an e-mail announcing that a new payslip has been uploaded to your regify account (regipay plus). The e-mail also contains a link to a page where you can either download the appropriate software or even open it directly online.

If you have received the RGF file (regipay classic), we recommend downloading the software. After installation, you can simply open the received file (.rgf) (double-click) and the software will open it directly in the future. The first time, you only need to enter your e-mail address and the password mentioned above.

If the payslip has been uploaded to your regify account (regipay Plus), you should simply log in to your portal and the available payslips will be displayed.

No payslip? -> Contact your employer! They usually send them and can also send them again or help you.  

Please note that regify neither generates payroll statements nor do we send them. To receive a copy, please contact your employer.

The mailing is done by your employer or a corresponding service provider (for example, the tax advisor). Therefore, you must contact your employer if you want to know the date of the mailing. 

If the message should be there, you should check your spam filter and clarify the email address used with your employer. It is not uncommon that minor typing errors or a full inbox were the problem. 

Please log in to your regify portal with your existing regify account and go to "SETTINGS" ➔ "My e-mail addresses" and add the new address. You will then receive a confirmation email. Click the link in it to activate the new address. 

Now please contact your employer and inform them that the payslips should be sent to the new e-mail address in the future. 

Look in the help wizard on the page with error information


If you have not succeeded with the above solutions, you may want to contact the sender of the regify message or regibox invitation.

Mainly with regipay Payrolls, your employer's Human Resources department will usually help.

For products like regimail, regibox and regichat, the support of your regify provider usually helps. You will find the contact information in the footer area of the portal page.

In addition, you can take advantage of paid regify vendor support. Further information can be found here.