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Product featuresregimail privateregimail professional
Price Free, for consumers only Price differs amongst regify providers dependent on the service level.
Write regimail / license 10 regimails / month 500 regimails / month
Personal e-mail addresses max. 2 max. 5
Read regimail, regibill, regipay    
Mobile Apps    
Not read reminder    
Read notification    
Invite new users    
Transaction history    
Free of ads
Commercial use
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Traditional e-mail has the confidentiality level of a postcard. Any actor involved in its transport can easily read it. regimail offers a way to transform your e-mail into a confidential and auditable electronic letter. This works using your existing e-mail address and does neither allows regify nor any third party to access or to store the content of your e-mail. 


After registering with a regify provider of your choice you can read and write regify e-mails on the web portal of your regify provider (no software download necessary) or you can use the easy-to-install regify client software. The software is available as an add-In for Windows (Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird), as a standalone version for Windows, MacOS and Linux as well as an App for iPhone/iPad and Android devices. These options ensure that you can use regimail as you prefer. 


The regify model 


Step 1: Sending 

The regify technology encrypts your e-mail (message text, attachments) and compresses it before it sending it via your and the addressee’s e-mail providers as an ordinary e-mail with an attachment. This attachment is a regify file with the encrypted contents of your original e-mail. The respective encryption key is transmitted secured and encrypted to the regify data clearing service via your regify provider. 

Step 2: Receiving 

In alignment with the regify data clearing service, the regify provider of the addressee of your regify e-mail ensures that the recipient is the right person and will transfer the key. As a result, the recipient can open the regify file and is able to display or store its contents. This is as simple as, for example, opening a pdf file with Acrobat Reader. 

Step 3: Confirmation of receipt 

When the key is delivered and the regify file opened, the recipient’s regify provider will notify the regify data clearing service. The regify data clearing service will notify your regify provider who in return, via e-mai,l will notify you about delivery of the regify file. Confirmation of receipt is recorded independently of the notification e-mail. 

The regimail service protects messages from unauthorized access and renders e-mails trusted and binding thereby providing security and trust in business communication. For the sender of a binding regify e-mail, the sending process is as straightforward as is the receiving process for the addressee of such personal e-mail. Of course, neither the sender nor the recipient have to change anything with their existing e-mail service. 

  • Turns normal e-mail into a secure electronic letter
  • Saves up to 75 % of the cost and time when compared to a physical letter
  • Works with any e-mail address
  • Ensures traceability, creates audit trail through confirmation of receipt
  • Can be traced online via the regify transaction register
  • Makes ordinary e-mail compliant with the Data Protection Act
  • Integrates into daily business life, e.g. into existing e-mail solutions like Outlook or Thunderbird
  • Can be used on mobile devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android


"When it came to selecting a service for sending electronic bills, compliance with legal requirements and ease of use were particular important to us. It is a great relief for us that we merely need to enter the e-mail address of the bill recipient to change over to digital sending."
Reiner Hoffmann, IT safety officer, Volksbank Kaiserslautern-Nordwestpfalz eG 

Our client Volksbank

Comparison De-Mail, E-Postbrief, PGP-based products and Regimail 

CriteriaDe-MailE-PostbriefPGP + S/MIMERegimail
Registration procedure Registration with De-Mail Provider Registration with; identity check by Deutche Post Buy certificate or generate own certificate Registration/identity check with regify provider
Type of system / technology / offering Store & Forward; 2-layer architecture with few providers (De-Mail is limited to Germany) Store & Forward; uses standards like PGP or S/MIME; only offered by Deutsche Post Independent of transport; Asym. encyption. User has to manage system/keys Independent of transport 3-layer security architecture; 15 providers in Germany
Type of use Web portal only; gateway announced Web portal only; gateway announced Local e-mail client or apps Local e-mail client, apps or web portal; gateway option
End-to-end encryption   Optional professional secret carrier    
Provider cannot access content data of encrypted messages        
Digital signature can be used        
Working with existing e-mail addresses        
Works with existing e-mail clients        
Auditability of message flow        
Notification of receipt        
Representatives (e.g. user can authorise representative/temporary replacement)        
Apps for mobile devices (Android, iOS)  1) Read only    
Global use        

1) No dedicated app on Google Play or iTunes (as of 11/2018). Possibly integrated in WEB.DE or GMX Apps? 



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