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LU-CIX welcomes regify as a new Gold supporting member 

Luxembourg, June 20, 2017 – LU-CIX, the “LUxembourg Commercial Internet eXchange”, welcomes regify as its new Gold supporting member. Founded in 2006, regify offers a whole host of trusted e-communication services that enable secure and verifiable collaboration and communication on any digital channel, thanks to regify’s patented and security audited cloud technologies and products. The service provider enables businesses to perform critical business transactions online using end-to-end-encrypted e-mail, electronic payslips and bills, a secure electronic box, and registered e-chat. With a focus on the European market, regify’s customers include companies in financial services or industry, both big and small, such as BDO, Würth or Volksbanken as well as public service and health care organisations, such as the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) or Luxembourg’s eHealth system. 

LU-CIX is Luxembourg’s national and neutral platform for local, regional and international Internet traffic hosted in six data centers. The LU-CIX platform is pleased to announce this new addition to its growing community of now 63 members, including telecommunications, data centers, cloud service providers. 

“Our partnership with LU-CIX is built on Luxembourg’s standing as Europe’s leading data center sector for crucial applications, offering excellent data quality and connections for critical online business transactions. regify, as a provider for trusted e-communications, has long relied on data clearing in Luxembourg, in order to enable organisations to transact securely and verifiably in and across value networks, on any digital channel and any device,” declares Kurt Kammerer, CEO of regify. 

“We are delighted that regify has joined our ICT expert pool of Gold supporting members to enable future collaborations between our members and regify in order to secure critical transactions and communications,” states Claude Demuth, Secretary of LU-CIX asbl. 


regify offers a suite of trusted e-communication services that enables you to transact securely and verifiably on any digital channel. Thanks to regify’s patented and security audited cloud technologies and products, organisations can communicate, collaborate and transact on the existing infrastructure. Regify services are made available through selected regify providers and can be used in standalone mode or integrated into workflows. Furthermore, regify users have secure access to the whole user community as the regify technology enables a global network of services. Customers include companies, both small and big, such as BDO, Würth or Volksbanken as well as public service organisations, such as UK NHS or Luxemburg eHealth system, and consumers. 


LU-CIX, the LUxembourg Commercial Internet eXchange was founded in 2009 based on a non-profit membership association with an open and neutral philosophy. Its aim is to develop the internet and support the internet community in Luxembourg and beyond. As well as providing the technical infrastructure, LU-CIX also makes a major contribution to the Luxembourg Internet community through its leading industry event, Luxembourg Internet Days, which takes place in November every year and attracts over a thousand industry experts and decision makers from around the globe. LU-CIX also runs the website, an industry digital marketing platform. It provides a shared communication platform for all the players in the Luxembourg data center and Internet arena, and promotes Luxembourg as a smart place to base your data center.