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Desktop and mobile devices regimail mass sending

You can find the current regify client and regibox manager on the portal website of your regify provider. Please use the download-link on the login page or choose downloads inside the portal footer to download the setups. 

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IBM Notes 

Lotus Notes is no longer actively supported. Currently, we know that regimail can still be integrated quite easily via the old templates. Please note, however, that we do not provide any further support. 

You can use regify in combination with IBM Lotus Notes on Windows (32 Bit and 64 Bit). For this, the regify client must also be installed on the end user devices. 

You can find the last template versions linked here for download (aprox. 30MB): 

English Template for Lotus Notes 8.53
English Template for Lotus Notes 9.0
If you are interested in older versions or individually adapted Lotus Notes templates, please contact us at

regimail desktop allows the easy and convenient sending of PDF documents using regimail . You deposit the documents into the processing directory and regimail desktop will extract the recipient addresses from the PDF files, registers the transactions and sends the documents via e-mail (SMTP) by pressing a single button.
Optionally, you can automatically extract more values from the PDF files (using regular expressions) and use them in the message body and subject. It also offers you an option to split PDF files to single pages. The used e-mail messages can be adopted freely to your needs. 


In order to use regimail desktop , you need 

  • An activated regify account.
  • You must be authenticated (unlock code must be known).
  • A valid licence code

Download of version V2.3.2 for Windows systems: