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Regify supplies secure email software for the Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospitals Trust Anticoagulation Service 

Audit trail and security make the difference 

Liverpool, 24th of July 2019 - Regify to supply its regimail service to the Liverpool Anticoagulation Service. 

Regify’s secure email service – regimail - turns an ordinary email into a secure electronic letter. It both secures the email content and includes an audit trail. This means that the sender knows the content is protected and has the peace of mind that it has been opened. The Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospitals NHS Trust is the major adult acute hospital trust for Liverpool. Moreover the Trust’s hospitals are at the forefront of medical developments such as e-Sepsis, making it one of the UK’s leading medical centres. The Trust’s Liverpool Anticoagulation Service operates 37 clinics across 23 sites in the community. The service has in excess of 83,000 patient contacts per year and liaises regularly with Home Care companies who oversee patients in the home. This oversight can include updating and changing anticoagulation medication alongside overseeing that patients are taking the prescribed dosage at the right time and with the correct quantity. 

Cross-Organisational teamwork enabled through Regify’s regimail service 

With regimail, changes of dosage and medication can be sent instantly by email from the Anticoagulation service to the relevant Care company. The audit trail ensures that the Service knows whether or not the regimail has been opened and therefore whether or not the new instructions have been received. Moreover as regimail works within the existing email structure, it involves no change to existing email addresses. Regimail sends the secure message straight to the recipient’s inbox where it can be opened straightaway. 

David Walliker, Chief Information Officer at the Trust, says: “We chose regimail because of the high security standards, the good price/value relationship and the audit trail. Regimail is easy to use and enables us to work securely with 3rd Parties. It can be used across a range of devices so important messages can be regimailed to office or mobile staff and you know when they have been opened and therefore enacted.” 

Andrew Henderson, Sales Director regify, say, “We at regify are very proud to be helping the Anticoagulation Service. Data security is important but including the audit trail makes a big, positive difference to patient care.” 


Andrew Henderson, Sales Director UK, regify GmbH
Tel.: +44 (0)1256 861813 

About regify 

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