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Frequently asked regimail questions and answers 

General Account management Security Administrators

What is the price of regimail? 

regimail is a service for anyone and the company will always attractively price its offering for providers. Providers are free to set prices for their customers. Therefore, prices for users can vary. 

Which email clients are supported by regify? 

At present, regify supports Microsoft Outlook from 2016. There is an add-on for Thunderbird. Additionally we support iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android based systems. There are also clients for Mac OS and Linux available which can send messages as standalone SMTP client. 

What happened to Thunderbird? 

After Mozilla discontinued the existing API for Thunderbird add-ons, no add-on for regimail was feasible for a long time. In the meantime, however, a new Thunderbird add-on is available as a beta version. It supports the platforms Windows, Mac and Linux and allows at least the simple writing of regimails (as of May 2023). You can find the add-on in the Mozilla add-on library

Do you also support Office 365? 

Office 365 is a licensing model from Microsoft. Even if you bought it, you will probably still use Outlook, Word and Excel. We support Outlook with our AddIn (for example Outlook 2019). However, the AddIn is not suitable for "Outlook Web Access" (OWA) because this website version does not support classical AddIn's. 

What are regify's advantages compared to traditional PKI (PGP, S/MIME etc.)? 

regimail is an alternative technique and does not work in the same way as PGP or other PKI methods.
The benefits are: 

  • regimail is much easier to administer and to handle (similar to an Amazon- or ebay-account).
  • regimail generates a receipt confirmation.
  • regimail transactions are traceable and auditable at any time (history).
  • You only have to know someone's email address and then you can send this person a regify email.
  • You don’t need to update and maintain locking lists or certificate servers.
  • In the regify portal, you can add (delete) representatives. Thus, a user can have his important emails
    processed in a controlled manner during his absence.
  • Collective accounts can be processed in teams using the representative’s function.

Which encryption algorithms are used for regimail? 

The regify technology is based on proven algorithms like ECC (Curve25519), RSA (up to 4096 bits) and AES (256 bits) as well as SHA2 (256 bits) for hash codes. 

Does the user have to install software? 

No, but it is the easiest and most comfortable way to use regimail. Alternatively, a user can generate, send and open regify e-mails directly from the regify portal. This is done at security levels equivalent to online banking. 

Why is the regimail e-mail smaller in size than the size of attachments would suggest? 

When creating regify files, the contents are not only being encrypted but also compressed. Thus, regify files can be smaller in size than the embedded original data. 

How can I change the regify-provider? 

To change the regify-provider with no problems, please follow these steps: 

  1. Log in to the Portal of your old regify-provider and select "SETTINGS" ➔ "My Account" ➔ "Delete my regify account" to delete your account.
  2. Register at the new regify-provider of your choice. You can choose the same e-mail address(es) you have used at the old regify-provider.
  3. Confirm your registration (link in registration e-mail)
  4. Open your regify client and enter the Settings or chose the "Configure regify client" option directly from your e-mail program with installed regify addin.
  5. Please click the "reset configuration" button in the "regify" tab.
  6. Now you can enter the registered e-mail address and the new password (from your new regify provider).

Can I deactivate e-mail notifications for registering and receipt confirmation? 

Yes. In the regify portal, you will find this option under "SETTINGS" ➔ "System configuration". 

I own multiple e-mail addresses. Is regimail supporting this? 

Yes, a regify account with regimail professional can manage up to five e-mail addresses (regimail private only two). After entering your new e-mail address, you only need to confirm it by clicking on a link that will be sent to this address. 

Can I use one regify account with multiple users? 

Yes, but please consider that every such user will have access to all respective regimails. In order to set a regify account up in such a way, just enter the e-mail addresses of the users in the regify portal. As for notification e-mails, every user can enter the individual e-mail address to which such notifications should be sent. Then, a user will only receive notifications about regify transactions that he started. 

I forgot my password! 

No problem. Every regify-provider offers a "lost password?" link on his portal login-page. Click this link and follow the instructions of your regify-provider. 

I will be away for some time. Can I nominate a representative? 

Yes. In order to nominate a person as your representative, this person has to be registered as a user with the same provider. You can enter the e-mail address of this person in the regify portal at "SETTINGS" ➔ "My Account" ➔ "Manage representatives". The representative will then be able to open regimails that you receive. Upon deletion of this entry, this right to open regimails will be withdrawn immediately. A representative is not allowed to send regimails on your behalf. 

What is the best way to get the addressee to use regimail? 

Read-only regify users are always at no charge. Therefore, you should not hesitate to invite someone to regify. You can invite him from inside the web portal or directly from within your regify Add-In. Fill in the requested information about the new user, add a personal message and press „Invite now“. The person invited will receive your invitation by e-mail. Upon clicking the „Accept Invitation“ link, he can open your regify e-mails using the web portal. Alternatively, he can download and install the regify software. 

Can I transfer secure and binding information without using e-mail? 

Yes. You can create a regify file both in the web-portal and via your installed regify software without sending it as an e-mail. Instead, you can transport the regify file using USB-sticks, CD-ROM or other media. Only the desired addressee will be able to open it. Please use the option „create and download“ in the web portal and download the created regify file.
Alternatively, you may also use the standalone client. Just open regify using the Start menu, compile your message and press the second button „create and save regify file“ instead of the first one. 

Extra information about authentication can be found here (click).

Is regimail secure? 

Yes, because the content of a regimail is secured by strong encryption and cannot be read by anyone who is not authorized. In terms of security, ordinary e-mail is only a "digital postcard". 

Does regimail secure e-mail end-to-end? 

Yes. regimail secures the complete transport, from the place where an e-mail is generated (usually, the e-mail client of the sender) to the place where e-mail is opened (usually, the e-mail client of the addressee). This guarantees maximum security. 

Can the addressee open a regimail without the sender knowing about this? 

No. A regimail can only be opened with the right key. Once this key has been retrieved, automatic acknowledgement of receipt will take place via a notification e-mail. It will also be documented in the regify transaction registry. 

Does regimail also ensure the integrity of the contained data? 

Yes, because each regimail is checked by some kind of fingerprint. If the regify file has been modified even in the slightest during transmission, transport or receipt, it cannot be opened again. In contrast to S/MIME and PGP, no content can be retrieved. This ensures that information that has been changed is not trusted due to carelessness. 

How do I know that the sender is really the person indicated? 

To register a regify account, you initially only need an e-mail address. If you can access this e-mail address, you can activate and use the account. However, recipients will not see any explicit information about the trustworthiness of the sender. If the sender has authenticated himself and uses his identity file, a recipient can be sure about the information. Read more here

What if someone knows the details about the regify technology and procedures? 

Nothing will happen. In such a case regify will continue to be secure. regify's multi-level procedure and the secure interaction between user, provider and clearing service ensure total security. 

What happens if my activation e-mail was intercepted? 

If you have chosen the account activation procedure without SMS, then you should change the password immediately after activating it in the portal. To be more secure, please choose the activation by mobile phone. In this case, an intercepted activation e-mail is having no negative consequences. 

What happens if a regimail to me is intercepted? 

Every regify-file (attached to the regimail) will be transmitted to one or more dedicated recipient's addresses. A regify member who tries to open this file needs one of those addresses assigned to his or her regify account. If this is not the case, then the file cannot be opened. 

Can I protect my regify account from abuse? 

Yes. Just open the regify configuration dialogue in your regify client and switch to the „ program“ tab. Please enter an appropriate password in the „ protect program with password“ field. 

Do I have to install the software on each client? 

No, you can use a central shared folder (only reading rights needed) in order to store the regify application. If you prefer to use the Outlook Add-In, you may need to call a simple registration script on each computer to allow MS Outlook to find the Add-In (regsvr32) and to associate the regify file extension (.rgf) with the regify client. You may also need to insert shortcuts to the users' menus.
A common software distribution tool will work fine to distribute tje client software. As the regify set-up is MSI-compatible, you can distribute using Microsoft software distribution tools, as well. 

Can I install the client regify via software distribution? 

Yes. Please read the Deployment Guide

Do I need to change something in the MS Exchange server? 

No. regify is integrated into the local MS Outlook installation. You do not need to change any MS Exchange settings in order to use regimail. 

I have a Terminal Server/Citrix environment. Is this a problem? 

No, the regify client software works with Terminal Server and Citrix environments. There are only minor issues that need to be taken care of. If you plan to use regify in such environments, please feel free to contact our technical support for help. 

Where are the individual settings stored? 

The regify client and the MS Outlook Add-In store their settings in a local ini file that is located in %APPDATA%\regify\. Every user has his own ini file as an integral part of his user profile. 

Some users have an additional laptop. How to handle this? 

The regify client can be installed and used on multiple computers which includes a user's laptop. Should the user be authenticated, he can also request his identity file for laptop by using his unlock-code. 

We are using proxy servers for internet access. Does this also work with regify? 

The regify software also supports proxy servers. The common authentication methods are available. Furthermore, the PAC format is supported. If your proxy server is using a whitelisting for Web addresses, so the domain * should be unlocked (for updates and the regify Provider Lookup Service). Also, the domain of your regify provider (vendor) must be unlocked.
More information and details.  

Which ports are used for regify software? 

Both the regify client and the regibox manager use the default ports 80 (http) and 443 (https) for Internet communications. If a users is using the regify client standalone, the port 25 or 465 or 587 must be unlocked for SMTP transmission (depending on the used SMTP encryption of your e-mail server). 

We archive e-mail manually. Can we archive regify e-mails in non-encrypted format? 

Yes. The regify Add-In offers a feature to convert regify e-mails back to ordinary e-mails with just two clicks. As a result, converted e-mails can be archived in unencrypted form. 

We archive e-mail using a gateway. What about regimails? 

As regify provides secure end-to-end management, your archiving solution will collect and store the encrypted contents of both incoming and outgoing regimails. Authorized users can decrypt an archived regimail anytime via the regify service. The regify clearing service stores keys for as long as required by law but as a minimum for a period of 15 years. Even if a regify account should be terminated, e.g. an employee left the company, an authorized user from that organization can reactivate the account and decrypt the regimail. 

Alternatively, you can also encrypt and decrypt regify messages using regigate in conjunction with your e-mail server. In this case you can also archive the messages in an unencrypted state. 

How can we inspect regimails for viruses and spam? 

It is highly unlikely that you will receive spam from a regimail because a regify account carries a cost and the sender is traceable. As for viruses, a virus will be detected after the decryption of the regify content. The regify client stores each file in a folder before it can be opened. It will be checked at this point by a locally installed virus scanner. 

Should an organization perform virus checks centrally, an administrator can simply configure regify to use a central temporary folder where the central virus check can take place. 

Alternatively, you can also encrypt and decrypt regify messages using regigate directly in conjunction with your e-mail server. In this case you can also virus scan the messages when they are unencrypted.