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Frequently asked regibox questions and answers 

General  Usage Administration

What is the price of regibox? 

The prices for regibox vary over the regify providers. Please ask for the prices and conditions at your preferred regify provider. 

How do I open a regibox invitation? 

To open a regibox invitation, you must run the regibox Manager on your desktop or mobile device. Download the software from here. After the first start, enter the logon data for your regify account. Now you can open and accept the RGBX file from the invitation email by double-clicking. regibox manager will open up and then you can follow the instructions on screen. 

Why do I need to sign up a regify account in order to become a regibox member? 

Because we want to make sure that people are, at least, basic authenticated. By using your regify account, we ensure that you are in possession of the e-mail address the box owner entered during your invitation. We only know about a person if he registered a regify account. Imagine we would not verify the account, either noone or all people with access to this e-mail address would be able to become a member of the box. Both is not the intention of secure communication. 

Isn't there a way to do some action on the recipient side without installing some software? 

If you are the owner of the regibox, or you got adequate permissions, you may publish a file for temporary access by users without regibox or regify account (right click -> Publish). Now tell the user the link(s) that you got. 

Why is there no web-browser access to my files? 

The regibox system provides real end-to-end encryption. Thus, neither the regify provider nor any other storage in the Internet is having access to unencrypted box content or to the keys needed to decrypt. Because of this, no web-server is able to give you access to the content. This is, why you cannot access or browse the content using a web-browser. The key is delivered to your local machine (PC or mobile) during acceptance of an invitation. This is done in a way that the regify provider is not even able to gather the keys. 

What are the symbols on the left of the files in regibox manager? 

= Waiting for synchronization. Some file/version is detected, but not yet synchronized. It may take up to 30 seconds before up/download starts.
= The file/version is currently getting downloaded.
= The file/version is currently getting uploaded.
= The file/version is synchronized and up/downloaded. Ready to use.
no symbol = The file is not local. Use "Local Copy On" to create a local copy. 

There is a delay between a file change/creation and display in regibox manager? 

Yes, it takes 30 seconds to detect file system changes. In fact, regibox only touches a file/folder if it is at least 30 seconds old. The reason is, that in many cases files are saved two times in a short period. A typical example is Microsoft Word: Many users are first pressing save, followed by pressing the print button. If they now close Word, word asks to save again. Most people clicking Yes again and a second save happens. Without such a delay, regibox would have saved two versions of exactly the same document. The delay is making sure that this is really the last version of the file. 

I can see the file in regibox manager, but not on my local device? (PC only) 

There are several possible reasons for this: 

  1. Maybe you turned off the "Local Copy" feature for the file(s)? Right click the file and try to select "Local Copy On".
  2. Maybe you turned off the "Local Copy" feature for the whole box? Right click the box on the left tree and select "regibox properties..." to open the properties dialogue. Check, if the "Turn on local file copies by default" check-box is ticked.
  3. Maybe the file is not already synchronized? As long as the file list entry is showing a '''↻''' or '''↓''' symbol, the download is not yet complete. You have to wait for synchronization.

How do I access older file versions? 

Select the file inside of the regibox manager. On the lower right pane you can see the version history. Right click the desired version and select "Open temporary copy" to take a look. Important: The file is opened from a temporary folder, not from the original document location! 

How can I free up space (older versions or deleted files)? 

With appropriate permissions, you can right-click files or folders and select "Delete past versions". This will remove all saved previous versions and only the current version will be kept. Note that the file disappears for a few seconds during the process.
You can also remove recovery data from deleted files (similar to Windows Recycle Bin). To do so, select the "Recovery" folder of the respective regibox (sufficient permission required), select the files to be deleted, right-click on them and select "Permanently Delete". 

How do I solve file conflicts? 

Best is to right click the affected versions in the lower right pane of your regibox manager. You can choose to "Open temporary copy" of both affected files to open up both conflicting versions. Important: The file(s) are opened from a temporary folder, not from the original document location!
Now do some merge or decide about the best version to keep. Save this new version using the normal "Save as..." function of your editing program (eg Word, Excel etc) and save it with the same name and on the same location where you have saved the previous versions. This will make this the new current version and the conflict is solved. 

I looks like the regibox manager interface did not update! How to refresh the screen? 

It may happen, in some circumstances, that the screen of the regibox manager does not refresh automatically. You can hit F5 at any time in regibox manager to force him to update the user interface. The F5 key does not affect the file synchronization itself, it is just for the interface. 

Why is the recovery icon missing in regibox manager for some regibox(es)? 

The reason for this is, that you are not having write permissions to this box. Thus, opening or viewing of deleted files is forbidden. 

Where do I find technical information about regibox? 

Please visit our WIKI pages about regibox Troubleshooting and regibox FAQ

How do I backup my regibox data (company)? 

It is best to have a server where you install the regibox manager and also synchronize your regiboxes. Here you can make automated backups of the regibox root folder (usually %userprofile%\documents). If you want to backup regiboxes of another person, too, you can ask her/him to invite you (eg read-only) and synchronize her/his regiboxes on this machine as well. 

How does the automatic regibox Manager update work? 

In order to avoid interruptions in synchronization, the regibox Manager only checks for new updates in one situation: If you click on the tray icon ( near the clock ) to display the regibox Manager after it has been minimized. This also ensures that there is a person in front of the computer who can perform the update. If you reject the update at this moment, a new check will be performed after seven days at the earliest. There is no check when the computer is started (not always a person present) or when it is shut down (no time for an update).