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Industrial Pseudonymisation for Healthcare 

Savings of over 60% in healthcare pseudonymisation 

Luxembourg, 18 July 2020 – The alarming increase in cyberthreats and tougher regulation on data privacy and security have made pseudonymisation of data a key requirement for new and for existing applications. This trend can be observed across sectors and application domains, in particular in data-sensitive areas such as financial services, industry 4.0, smart city, smart infrastructure and healthcare. 

Industrialising pseudonymisation in Lego Blocks 

In the past, implementation of pseudonymisation was a tedious and costly process. Typically, it was implemented in individual software projects, costs were high and replicability was low. DataVaccinator with its claim to “vaccinate data against abuse” is the pioneer for industrialised pseudonymisation and promises to make pseudonymisation a commodity as CTO Volker Schmid states: “It is our mission to develop the Lego blocks for pseudonymisation that programmers need to build new or re-engineer legacy applications. With DataVaccinator, data is separated right at the root into content data and data that identifies a person or object, thereby mitigating major cyber risks. We make the software available as open source in order to drive adoption across Europe. This will also open up new partnerships beyond the regify ecosystem.” 

ITTM masters pseudonymisation for applications in Medical / IoT 

For ITTM, a Luxemburg-based software and IT services company in BioIT, pseudonymisation of data has become a major requirement as Managing Director Dr. Andreas Kremer explains: “Pseudonymisation is a must have for BioIT apps. Instead of developing own mechanisms for our software platform Com4care and for individual software projects, we simply integrated DataVaccinator, thereby cutting time and cost for pseudonymisation by over 60%. As the DataVaccinator source code is publicly available as open source and its development involves a whole community of developers, quality of the modules is high as well as trust from the user side. We and our customers are glad that industrialisation has finally come to pseudonymisation.” 


About DataVaccinator 

The DataVaccinator service protects your sensitive data and information against abuse. At the very moment when data is being generated, the service splits that data and uses advanced pseudonymisation techniques to separate content from identity information. Thus, the DataVaccinator service reduces cyber security risks in the health, industry, finance and any other sector and helps service providers, device manufacturers, data generating and data handling parties to manage sensitive data in a secure and GDPR-compliant manner. In contrast to other offerings, DataVaccinator industrialises pseudonymisation, thereby making pseudonymisation replicable and affordable.  

About regify 

The regify group, an international provider of trusted e-communications, is headquartered in Germany. Our patented and security audited regify technology enables verifiable and legally compliant e-communication processes. The product portfolio comprises solutions for secured messaging and document exchange. Products are designed for global use and integrate easily into existing applications. They are made available through certified regify providers. Customers include companies renowned in their specific sectors, both big and small, as well as public service organizations and consumers. 

About ITTM 

ITTM, with its head offices in Luxembourg, provides data integration and knowledge management solutions & services to all (bio)medical areas offering a highly integrated BioIT & ICT service portfolio, including Data Curation, Analysis & Secure Hosting, Infrastructure, Visualization & Disease Maps, Digital & mHealth.