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Regify launches in China with the inception of regify Technology 

Huge Market for trusted and verifiable data transactions 

Hangzhou, Huefingen, July 04, 2017 – regify, the leading enabler of secure and verifiable communication and collaboration, has entered the Chinese market with the start of regify Technology Co. Ltd. The Fintech entrepreneur Frank He serves as managing director of regify Technology which is located in Hanghzou. Regify Technology Co. Ltd. will introduce regify services in the Chinese market such as regimail for end-to-end encrypted e-mail and regibox for the secure transfer of data. The company will also develop products and solutions that are specific to the Chinese market. Hangzhou is home to numerous leading internet companies such as Alibaba Group. 

Demand for secure and verifiable communication 

“The Chinese market grows fast and is open for technical innovations such as those of regify. E-Payments is one of the areas in which Chinese companies have established leading positions. Consumers in Hangzhou have adopted e-payments via smartphone using services such as Wechat Pay or Alipay. And there are many other areas where regify technology can play an important role.” states managing director Frank He. 

The market expects proven technologies 

Chinese customers need market-proven technologies that can easily be deployed in sensitive areas such as payments, contractual work or other digital transactions. Regify offers a range of services for demanding exchange of data based on its regify (register & certify) technologies. 


“Besides new technologies such as blockchain, the Chinese market demands innovative, but already proven technologies” says Kurt Kammerer, CEO of regify. “Blockchain companies work with regify because in the last few years we have developed and established a reliable solution platform in the market. Blockchain technology offers basic functionality that can be integrated wherever needed.” For growing digital networks, the regify technology provides networked and secure services that work across enterprises, customers and other business partners.



regify offers a suite of trusted e-communication services that enables you to transact securely and verifiably on any digital channel. Thanks to regify’s patented and security audited cloud technologies and products, organisations can communicate, collaborate and transact on the existing infrastructure. Regify services are made available through selected regify providers and can be used in standalone mode or integrated into workflows. Furthermore, regify users have secure access to the whole user community as the regify technology enables a global network of services. Customers include companies, both small and big, such as BDO, Würth or Volksbanken as well as public service organisations, such as UK NHS or Luxemburg eHealth system, and consumers.