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“We were mainly convinced by the convenience of using this e-mail service, for the programme is working integrated to the local e-mail client, in our case Lotus Notes. Or users can register at the webportal of the provider.”
Reiner Hoffmann, IT safety officer.


Volksbank Kaiserslautern-Nordwestpfalz eG 

Headquarters: Kaiserslautern 

Employees: > 170 (2013)


Industry sector

• Launch a secure, confidential solution for digital mail and letters that is in line with the law
• Motivate users to work with the new service


  • Meeting minimum legal requirements regarding risk management (MaRisk)
  • Secure e-mail communication with commercial and retail customers and for internal use


  • Launch of regimail, the solution for confidential and binding e-mail communication



  • Warrants of integrity, authenticity, confidentiality and binding character of electronic communication
  • Secure end to end encryption
  • Application is easy to use for customers
  • Worldwide usability
  • Mobile use (Blackberry)
  • Value for money

Reasons for choosing regify 

  • Easy integration to existing e-mail infrastructure 
  • Very low investment (no need for additional hardware)

In order to protect e-mails against illegal access and provide confirmation of receipt, Volksbank Kaiserslautern-Nordwestpfalz eG introduced regimail, a solution for confidential and binding e-mail communication. In this way the cooperative bank meets the legally defined minimum requirements for risk management (MaRisk) in German banks. 

About 17,000 members put trust in the Volksbank Kaiserslautern-Nordwestpfalz eG. The performance portfolio comprises account administration and credits as well as retirement arrangements and insurance products such as health insurance, casualty insurance, automobile insurance and defence insurance. Handling sensitive data such as contracts and account statements is the daily business of the Volksbank.

Confidential and binding e-mail communication  

Volksbank has chosen regimail’s easy to integrate service. This service, developed by the regify group, works with a multilayer security infrastructure consisting of users, providers and a clearing service. Providers do not have access to the keys and thus no access to the content of the email- data that is sent. The clearing service on the other hand administers the keys but knows neither the users nor the content. The clearing service only handles anonymous data. This secures integrity, authenticity, confidentiality and a binding character in terms of the audit trail for the e-mail. “We were mainly convinced by the convenience of using this e-mail service, for the programme works by integrating into the local e-mail client, in our case Lotus Notes. Or users can register at the webportal of the provider”, says Rainer Hoffmann, IT safety officer at Volksbank Kaiserslautern- Nordwestpfalz.

Mobile and worldwide usability of regimail  

Actually about 100 employees of the Volksbank work with regimail. Moreover about 400 industrial and private customers, tax consultants, notaries and lawyers work with this e-mail service to send, receive and read confidential information. A notice of registration and of receipt demonstrates if and when the receiver has got the message or has read it. If the message has not been read in a defined period of time, the sender receives a reminder. A transaction register tracks current and past transactions. This allows business communication to be auditable. regimail can also be used with mobile solutions such as Blackberry. Moreover international use is also possible.

IT Management system awarded  

Albrecht Steller, member of the board of Volksbank Kaiserslautern-Nordwestpfalz says: “Our aim is to use the solution with all the banks in the Group in order to guarantee a high level of security. The award we received for our IT Management system by TÜV Hessen and the certification according to DIN ISO/IEC 27001:2005 do encourage us.” During the audit it was pointed very positively that “the protection of the customer data and the service to the customers by regify is exemplary”.

3 Questions to Mr Reiner Hoffmann, IT safety officer, Volksbank Kaiserslautern-Nordwestpfalz eG 

Why has the Volksbank Kaiserslautern- Nordwestpfalz decided to introduce a secure e-mail service? 

We handle sensitive data on a daily basis. In order to put both confidentiality and security into practice in our e-mail communication with corporate and retail customers as well as in internal communication, we introduced a comprehensive IT security concept at the end of 2009. It also allows us to meet the legally defined minimum requirements for risk management (MaRisk) by German banks. 


Did you evaluate other security solutions to the regify technology? 

Yes, we have first had a look into PKI (Public key infrastructure)-based systems: But we rejected this solution very quickly, as PKI systems require long winded administration of keys and certificates. We could not have secured acceptance at user level. 

Which benefit of the regify technology do you appreciate most? 

As well as easy integration we consider the confidential and binding communication with both our customers and internally as very important – especially as we have to meet legal requirements. Moreover we work within a worldwide business environment. Consequently, for many of our customers it is important, that their numerous customers abroad can communicate with us as the house bank without any problems. This is possible with regimail. Last but not least we consider it important, that our customers can use the service in a test period and with the “read only”-function free of charge. 


Secured and legally compliant e-mail communication 


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