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REGIPOST - Exchanging data securely with minimal effort: without registration, without an app, without a long password 

Huefingen, 31st of July 2023 - With REGIPOST,, Regify provides the simplest service for secure data exchange. 

Successful digitisation is unthinkable without the simple exchange of data. Regardless of whether a patient wants to give his doctor a copy of a letter from his health insurance company, the residents' registration office needs to send a citizen a message or a tax advisor or lawyer sends documents to his clients: the simplicity of the procedure determines whether it is accepted. Not infrequently, digitisation fails at the outset because the user is expected to do unnecessary work. Fortunately, data protection laws (e.g. GDPR) do not require users to carry out a lot of preparatory work for data exchange, such as time-consuming authentication, login procedures or agreeing on long passwords. 

regify GmbH has been making this experience for many years: "Anyone who thinks they have to burden the user with every eventuality need not be surprised if no one uses these procedures and even health data is shared via Whatsapp. Many data-sensitive areas lack digital solutions that are simple and at the same time secure," says Kurt Kammerer, CEO of regify. "And so you get the receipt in the form of insecure digital processes or outmoded paper traffic due to the exaggerated interpretation of data protection. 

The regipost service addresses everyone who wants secure data traffic without the usual hassle. regify GmbH operates the service with partners and also offers the service at to get to know it. 


Andrew Henderson, Sales Director UK, regify GmbH
Tel.: +44 (0)1256 861813 

About regify 

The regify group, an international provider of trusted e-communications, is headquartered in Germany. Our patented and security audited regify technology enables verifiable and legally compliant e-communication processes. The product portfolio comprises trusted solutions for secured messaging and document exchange. Products are designed for global use and integrate easily into existing applications. They are made available through certified regify providers. Customers include companies as well as public service organisations and consumers.