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A problem with my regify account 

Please specify your problem in more detail: 

You can reset your password. Best to click this link and fill in the form:
reset password

This means that the e-mail address is already registered somewhere in the world in a regify system. An e-mail address can only be registered once for regify at a time. 

Are you a regipay payslip recipient ? Then you have probably ignored the invitation e-mail of your employer or his HR department and have already registered yourself somewhere. 

A password reset gives you a new password and automatically links you to the regify provider with whom your account is registered. You can then log in there and if necessary even delete the account online. 

Please check your spam filter first. This can be done in your e-mail program and, if necessary, also in the webmail system of your e-mail account. If this does not help, please contact the inviting person. For regipay users , this is usually the HR department of the employer. For regibox it is usually the owner of the regibox. 

Log in to your regify portal first. 

Then go to "SETTINGS" ➔ "My account" ➔ "Delete my regify account". 

If you do not find this option, your regify provider has not allowed the deletion of accounts by the user. In this case, please contact the support of your regify provider (contact information can usually be found in the footer of your regify portal). 

A password reset gives you a new password and automatically links you to the regify provider with whom your account is registered. 

Important: Transfer of a regify account only makes sense if regibox data or the regimail transaction list must be preserved. In most cases, deleting the regify account is the better option. A new user should use a new regify account. 

To transfer the regify account to a new owner, proceed as follows: 

  1. Add the email address of the new owner as an additional email address to your account ("SETTINGS" ➔ "My Email Addresses").
  2. The new e-mail address must be confirmed by the new owner (click on the link in the e-mail).
  3. Then change to the user data and make the new e-mail address the main address ("SETTINGS" ➔ "My Account").
  4. Update also the salutation, first and last name and if necessary further user data for the new owner.
  5. Remove your old e-mail address from your regify account ("SETTINGS" ➔ "My Email Addresses").
  6. Change the password ("SETTINGS" ➔ "My Account" ➔ "New password"). Note it down carefully.
  7. Log out and give the new owner the password.
  8. The new owner should now log in (e-mail address and password) and enter a new password.

If you have not succeeded with the above solutions, you may want to contact the sender of the regify message or regibox invitation.

Mainly with regipay Payrolls, your employer's Human Resources department will usually help.

For products like regimail, regibox and regichat, the support of your regify provider usually helps. You will find the contact information in the footer area of the portal page.

In addition, you can take advantage of paid regify vendor support. Further information can be found here.