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Technical problems 

Common questions 

After a password reset, the new password must also be entered in the local software. Depending on the software used, this is how it works: 

  • Mobile devices (Android, iOS)
    • regify Client (regimail, regipay)
      Open the regify client from the start screen. If you are asked, select "Write a regimail". Then click on "Options" and then "Settings". Now enter the new password in the "regify password" field. Afterwards, test the new settings with the "Check connection" button.
    • regibox Manager
      Open the regibox Manager and go to the "Menu". There go to "Settings" and select "Reset configuration". Now you can enter your e-mail address and password again.
  • Desktop (Windows, Linux, Mac)
    • regify Client (regimail und regipay)
      Open the regify client from the Start menu (Windows and Linux) or the Finder -> Applications (Mac). Go to "Settings" and enter the new password into the "regify password" field in the "regify" tab. Then test the new settings with the "Check" button.
    • regipay Client (regipay)
      Unfortunately you have to start the file manually. Open the file explorer and go to C:\Program Files (x86)\regipay. There you double click on regipay.exe. Answer with 'Yes'. Then enter the new password in the tab "regify" in the field "regify password". Then test the new settings with the "Check" button.
    • regibox Manager
      Open the regibox Manager (from the Start menu or via the icon in the system tray). Go to "Settings" and enter the new password in the "regify" tab in the "regify password" field. Now test the new settings with the "Check" button.

Problems where an error message with number appears 

You must pay attention to the exact spelling. Passwords are also case-sensitive. 

Try typing the password instead of copying it. 

If in doubt, reset the password

Important: You must then enter the new password in all regify software used (PC, mobile device, etc)! 

If that doesn't help: Did you recently change your regify provider? Then you have to reset the software:
  1. Open your regify client or regibox manager and open the settings or select the option "configure regify client" directly in your e-mail program with regify AddIn.
  2. Click the button "Reset configuration" in the regify tab.

If you use a simple regify account, you usually only have regimail Private. This allows you to send a maximum of 10 regimail messages per month. Use is only permitted for private purposes (e.g. communication with your employer, private communication, etc.). If you need more, talk to your regify provider or employer. 

If you use a paid regimail Professional account, you can send a maximum of 500 regimail messages per month. If you need more, talk to your regify provider or employer. 

That's how you count: Every recipient of a regimail is a message. So if you send a regimail to five different recipients, the system counts five messages for you. 

Appears mostly in Outlook or Thunderbird. You are trying to send a regimail with an e-mail address that is not stored in the regify account used. 

Solution: Add the sending address to your regify account ("SETTINGS" ➔ "My Email Addresses") or deactivate the function "Take sending address from Outlook" in the regify menu of Outlook program. 

You probably created a new password on the portal page of your regify provider. However, your regify software still tries to log in with the old password. 

Solution: You must also enter the new password in the used regify software (usually in the regify configuration/settings). 

This error occurs when you try to open a regify message and the regify account used does not know the recipient address. 

Example: You have the e-mail addresses and . You have registered the address to a regify account. If you now receive a regimail sent to , you will get the error 20 or 25 because your regify account does not know the e-mail address . You have not registered. 

Solution: Log in to the portal page of your regify provider and go to "SETTINGS" ➔ "My Email Addresses". There you can add another e-mail address (regimail Professional up to 5 addresses). You once have to confirm this entry and then you can open the regify message with the existing regify account.
Here is an even more detailed solution chart.  

These errors indicate a connection problem. Here are the most common causes: 

Check if your device has a working internet access (is the web browser working? WLAN connected? Data tariff active?). 

You are in a company and need a proxy server to access the Internet. Ask your IT administrator for the access data for the proxy and enter it in the regify configuration. 

You are using a valid proxy server and still can't use it? Maybe your IT administrator needs to explicitly allow certain websites (whitelist)? Ask him to allow these pages necessary for regify

A firewall or an antivirus program may block the regify software. Check these programs and make sure they are not blocking our software. If in doubt, ask your IT administrator. 

We know this from Android devices that do not have a suitable PDF display app or if the PDF viewer on the device is not properly set up or broken. 

We suggest you to install a PDF viewing app like the free Google PDF viewer

The error means that the given file is not a valid regimail or regipay file. Maybe the file was damaged during transport? 

Ask the sender to send the file again. If this does not help, you need to check on the sender's and recipient's side to see if bad antivirus programmes or spam filters may be corrupting your emails. This error is not a bug of the regify software or the regify system. Most likely, the problem has occurred during the e-mail transport. Independent of regify. 

Here you may need a new software version. Check whether there is a new version of your regify application. For mobile devices, go to the app store of the respective manufacturer (Google Play or Apple App Store). For local software, open the settings of the regify software and click on "Update available?". 

Currently, iPhone users are reporting this problem (July 2023). We are working on a solution! 

So far, the error has only occurred on mobile devices. And that is when the app was restored from a backup (e.g. change of device) or on iPhones after an update to iOS 17. 

Go to the settings of the app and press "Reset configuration". Afterwards (or the next time you use the app) you have to enter your regify account data (email address and password) again. 

Other problems 

Some devices do not offer the technical possibility to save data securely. In this case, the regipay app does not start when you try to open an RGF file. This leads to a crash.
We are working on a solution. Until this is available, you can use one of these two tips: 

  1. Some devices only have the problem if the device is not secured by a code, pattern or fingerprint. Activate one of these mechanisms and try again.
  2. If this does not help, uninstall the regipay app and install the regify client from the Google Play Store. This can also open regipay messages.

Unfortunately, some e-mail apps do not comply with the specifications for opening files on Android. In this case, regipay or regimail are simply not available for opening RGF files. We have heard this from the following apps so far: Samsung Mail (Galaxy), Google GMail (older versions). 

One solution is to use a different email app. We know that the following apps can handle RGF files perfectly: K-9 Mail, FairMail, Outlook, Aqua Mail. 

Another solution is to first save the RGF file and then open it via the device's file manager (the file usually ends up in "Downloads"). Then, depending on the file manager, either simply tap or long press and select "Share with...". 

Further troubleshooting and tips for all regify products can be found on our WIKI pages

If you have not succeeded with the above solutions, you may want to contact the sender of the regify message or regibox invitation.

Mainly with regipay Payrolls, your employer's Human Resources department will usually help.

For products like regimail, regibox and regichat, the support of your regify provider usually helps. You will find the contact information in the footer area of the portal page.

In addition, you can take advantage of paid regify vendor support. Further information can be found here.