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How does it work? Benefits
  As more and more business transactions (b2b, b2c) are triggered online, the traditional commercial handshake becomes more digital. Business partners need undisputable meeting minutes of a private online conversation, a recorded transaction log for reasons of compliance or an undeniable proof of a digital handshake. However, even today’s advanced chat tools lack the required capabilities.

With regichat, regify introduces a powerful and innovative form of chat that is not only secure but also trusted and binding. regichat provides auditable recording of the chat session. When a regichat session ends, this recording is sent digitally to the participants and only they can access it. Moreover, meta data of the chat is registered with a trusted, independent third party. In consequence, participants of a regichat receive non-repudiable documentation for their business transactions which is legally reliable.

Auditability (REGister & certIFY) 

  • Chat protocol sent to participants in encrypted format (regimail)
  • Chat meta data recorded by a trusted independent third party (TITP)
  • Chat protocol digital fingerprint is registered with TITP
  • Chat protocol integrity certified by TITP on demand at any time

Usage options with white labelling possibility 

  • Operational flexibility with options for public and private cloud
    • Public Cloud: regify services offered by more than 20 regify providers
    • Private Cloud: service operated by your organisation (corporate provider status)
  • Integration into business applications via Application Programming Interface (API)
  • Available for all major software platforms including mobile ones (Android, iOS)

Barrier free entry 

  • Browser-based without additional software
  • SMS invitation and password-protected entry into the chat
  • Multiple authentication options, selection by the chat initiator
  • Participants‘ status and presence are shown during chat
  • File transfer (e.g. upload of documents such as terms & conditions)