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regify group benefits from growth in digital payslips 

Time and cost savings for HR departments the biggest drivers of take-up of regify products 


Luxemburg, 20th August 2012 – A positive trajectory in digitally-sent and -received payslips is supporting the growing business of the Luxembourg-headquartered regify Group, according to Kurt Kammerer, Group CEO.“We are experiencing strong demand for electronic payslips from human resources departments”, Kammerer says, adding that the desire to eliminate some costs incurred by paper payslips was identified as a key driver. 


Roughly 75 percent of costs can be reduced through paperless payslips, through the elimination of costs for printing, enveloping and postage. Moreover, digital payslips are more convenient for the employee as they arrive in the e-mail inbox of the employee - and without harming the environment. For Kammerer, this is a key driver too: “As environmental sustainability becomes more important by the day, digitalizing paper-based processes, such as the sending of payslips has become a key concern of organizations and their employees.” 


Employees can choose between electronic and paper payslips 

As an international software provider for trusted and binding e-mail communication and digital post, the regify Group has developed its legally compliant product “regipay”® for digital payslips that work with the existing IT infrastructure and payroll systems without requiring any chances to software. 


Regipay messages can be received with any e-mail address, and they can sent from any e-mail account. However, the sender needs to be authenticated by his regify provider, to ensure that the recipient can trust that the sender is his or her employer. Regipay adds flexibility for individual preferences too, as an employee can choose whether they want to receive their payslip digitally or physically. 


Automated process without additional effort 

A regipay message is secured automatically. The message text and attached payslip documents are protected by end-to-end encryption, ensuring confidentiality. The opening of the electronic payslip requires access to the respective key that will only be transmitted to the eligible addressee. Integrity, authenticity and confidentiality are ensured according to data privacy laws. The sender benefits from an automated process that saves the costs that are typically incurred with paper-based documents, while the recipient enjoys the convenience that comes with the electronic payslip. 


Notification of receipt 

A binding notification of receipt and a web-based transaction registry serve as proof of receipt. As soon as the addressee accesses the contents of the regipay message, the sender receives a notification of receipt. In case the recipient does not access contents in a specified period, the sender will receive a reminder message that may trigger further action such as resending the electronic payslip. 


Contacts for the press: 

regify S.A. 

Marina Evaristo 

Head of Marketing 

2b, Ennert dem Bierg 

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Tel.: +32 489 815 985 


About Regify Group: 

The Regify Group ( headquartered in Luxemburg is an international provider of confidential and binding e-mail communication and digital mail. The Group focuses on the secure and time critical electronic exchange of documents and messages in the form that is best for the user. To this end, Regify offers regimail (confidential e-mail), regibill (electronic mailing of invoices) and regipay (electronic mailing of wage and salary documents), three internationally usable software services, via certified Regify providers in different countries and on different continents. 

The regify technology is interesting for anyone who wishes to send and receive confidential messages in a reliable and binding form. Particularly interested groups include business customers, from small businesses to big corporations, public authorities and private individuals.