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The regify SDK's open up a variety of new opportunities in order to develop own applications (regify apps) based on the regify technology and integrate the regify service into existing applications. As a software vendor or IT services company, you can offer your "regify apps" on this page. The following list provides an overview of the available regify apps that have been certified by regify. 




regipay desktop V1.9.1

For Windows XP or newer.
regipay desktop allows the easy and convenient sending of payslips using regipay. You deposit the payslips into the processing directory and regipay desktop will extract the recipient addresses from the PDF files, registers the transactions and sends the payslips via e-mail (SMTP) by pressing a single button.
Optionally, you can automatically extract more values from the PDF files (using regular expressions) and use them in the message body and subject. It also offers you an option to split PDF files to single pages. The used e-mail messages can be adopted freely to your needs.


In order to use regipay desktop, you need 

  • An activated regify account.
  • You must be authenticated (unlock code must be known).
  • Your regify provider needs to activate regipay usage for you.
  • Your regify provider sent you a serial number.
regify certified